Collection: Wicker braid sets

Individual wicker braid sets.

The wicker we offer is Blauband quality. The highest level of quality available with peddig cane.

Each set comes with at least 2 extra rattan stakes. The rattan is ordered fresh, so it is quite flexible. But if it should happen anyway, that's more

by breaking, then you can reorder the missing ones at any time free of charge. You can bend it back if you soak the rattan in water long enough. The rattan for braiding has a thickness of 2 mm and is 100 g.

If the amount is not enough, you can also order up to 100gr. Reorder for free.

The holes have a diameter of 3.2 mm, the stakes 2.8 mm. The braided floors have a thickness of 8 mm and are made of plywood.

The poles have a length of 45 cm, so different edges can be produced. The number of holes is always odd.

There may be color deviations in the pictures due to the fact that the goods are natural products.

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