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5 Stück Flechtsets 5 - Zackiger Stern

5 Stück Flechtsets 5 - Zackiger Stern

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5 Stück Flechtset 5 - zackiger Stern Länge : 35cm Breite : 36,5 cm

Bodenstärke 8 mm

mit 305 Bohrungen 3,2 mm Durchmesser

Peddigrohr Staken 45 cm lang 2,8 mm Durchmesser 305 Stück + 10 Stück extra

500 gr. Peddigrohr 2 mm Durchmesser Blauband Qualität zum flechten

Pro Stück 21,50 Euro

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baskets with love

Each woven basket is individual.

And they are timeless. Both for giving as a gift and for self-use, you recognize the attention to detail. Once braided, they last almost forever.

  • Wicker Blauband

    The offered wicker is exclusively Blauband quality.

    The difference is the blue band quality is lighter than the red band.

    And it doesn't break that easily.

  • Hassle Free Exchanges

    Das farbige Peddigrohr ist Rotband Qualität.